Setup Roku Streaming Device in 3 Simple Steps

Setup Roku Streaming Device in 3 Simple Steps

Setup Roku Streaming Device in 3 Simple Steps

Roku is a streaming device that allows you to watch free and paid video content on your TV. You can find Roku devices in a variety of different shapes and sizes, but they all come with the same purpose: to give you access to your favorite shows, movies, and more. In this article, we’ll walk you through the three simple steps you need to take in order to set up your Roku device so that you can start streaming right away!

Roku account setup

In order to setup your Roku streaming device, you will need to create a Roku account. You can do this on the Roku website or through the Roku app. Once you have created your account, you will need to activate your device. This can be done by entering the activation code that came with your device.

Once your device is activated, you will be able to add channels. There are many free and paid channels available. You can browse through the available channels and add them to your Roku account.

Once you have added channels, you will be able to start streaming content on your Roku device. You can use the Roku remote control to navigate through the various channels and find something to watch.


Setup Roku Streaming Device in 3 Simple Steps

Roku activation

Roku activation is straightforward and can be accomplished in a couple of steps.

The first step is to establish an account on the Roku website. Roku account. You can create an account through the Roku website or by using the Roku application. After you have set up an account, you’ll be required to activate it on your Roku device. To activate it you’ll need to enter a code shown on your TV’s screen. Once you have entered the code then you will be able to turn on your Roku is activated, and you’ll be able to stream content.

Then, you must select which channels you would like to include on the Roku device. There are a variety of channels to choose from, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and many other channels. Channels can be added using Roku Channel Store Roku Channel Store or by visiting the websites of each channel.

Once you’ve selected the channel you wish to stream, you are able to start streaming content from the Roku device. Just select the channel you would like to watch on the home screen and start enjoying!

How do you join to connect your Roku streaming device with the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet

When you switch on the Roku streaming device and Roku TV (tm) for the first time, the device will require you to create an internet connection via wi-fi or Ethernet cable. It is crucial that there is a connection between your Roku device and your home network as well as the Internet is established to stream video and audio. Find out whether your Roku device requires an electrical or wireless connection with the chart of comparisons between products.

Once you have figured out how to connect to your Roku gadget, then you are able to start to configure your device by using the on-screen procedure called Guided Setup. During Guided Setup you’ll set your preferences, set up your settings, and then activate your device. If you are having trouble getting the Roku streaming player to the Internet, a few troubleshooting tips can make sure you’re able to finish the setup procedure.

How do you link with your Roku streaming device with the Internet

If you’re using the Roku streaming player to WiFi network, be certain to know the name of your wireless network also known by the name SSID as well as the network password in your possession. Be aware when entering your password that passwords can be case sensitive. Make use of the shift button on the keyboard on screen to type an uppercase letter when you have to. Further assistance is available should you require help in locating your wireless network username as well as password.

If you’re using a wired connection to your network Connect the one end of the connection to an Ethernet port in your Roku gadget, then connect connect the other end directly to the router. When your Roku device doesn’t have one with an Ethernet port, read more regarding how to join the Internet via an adapter that is a third-party.

During the Guided Setup process, you will be required to perform the following:

  1. Choose Wirelessfor Ethernet cables, or Wi-Fi for Wi-Fi connections.
  2. If you choose Wired If you select Wired, the Roku device will be connected with your network at home as well as the internet. If you choose Wireless proceed with the following step.
  3. Select the wireless network you want to connect to in the listing of Wi-Fi networks. If you are unable to find your network, click scan again to view every network.
  4. Enter your network password. To view the password as you type, select the option to show the password.
  5. Choose Connect

After you have chosen your network and entered your password correctly the Roku streaming device is able to be connected directly to the home network as well as the internet. Once you have successfully connected the latest version of the software will start downloading automatically when there is an update available for you Roku device. After the update is installed, the device will reboot. If you’re having trouble making connections, follow the troubleshooting tips below to fix the most common issues with network connections.

How do you change your network settings?

Setup Roku Streaming Device in 3 Simple Steps

If an internet connection was not established in the Setup Guide or your network has changed and you require to upgrade the connection, go to your Settings menu of your Roku device and follow the steps following:

  1. Click Home on your remote.on your remote
  2. Scroll down and choose Settings
  3. Choose Network
  4. Choose the connection you want to establish.
  5. Select Wirelessor wireless
  6. If you choose Wired the Roku device will connect automatically to your network as well as the internet. If you choose Wireless proceed on to step.
  7. Select the network you want to join from the available networks. If you don’t see your network, click Re-scan to check all networks..
  8. Enter your network password. To view the password when you type, click the option to show the password.
  9. Select Connect

    Common troubleshooting for network connections

    If you’re not sure about how Roku gadgets connect with the Internet, then we suggest to go through the above steps to update your network settings and ensure that you’re properly linked to the Internet prior to you begin troubleshooting, if you aren’t previously.

    If you’re having problems in your network connectivity start troubleshooting by reading our in-depth guide about how you can examine your connection to your home network and the internet. The steps provided in the article will assist you in identifying possible issues with your current network connections. After you’ve verified the connection between your Roku streaming device as well as the internet connection, follow the following steps to make sure that your connections are functioning correctly:

    • Choose your wireless network and then enter the password correctly. Be aware that passwords for networks are case-sensitive. Utilize the shift key on the keyboard on screen to type in a capital. You are able to receive additional assistance in case you are unable to locate your wireless password as well as your the name of your network.
    • Check that your router is functioning effectively. If you are able to access the Internet with other devices, like your phone or computer the router is giving internet access, and you are now able to proceed onto the next stage. If you’re unable access the Internet, consider rebooting the router.
    • Increase the signal strength from your wireless. If you find that resetting your router doesn’t increase your connectivity, the problem might be with the strength of your wireless signal. The farther away your Roku gadget is away from your router the weaker the wireless signal. There are a variety of ways to boost the wifi signal.
    • Try using an Ethernet cable or an adapter from a third party. If connecting wirelessly is difficult then using an Ethernet cable can provide an improved, faster connection. The majority of Roku streaming devices are able to join a router using wireless. Certain Roku streaming device feature the Ethernet port. You can also an adapter from a third party to connect with the Internet. In the event that your Roku device isn’t equipped with one, or even an Ethernet port, you can learn more about how you can access the internet with an adapter that is third-party.
    • Start the router. To start your router, follow the directions provided by you Internet Service Provider , or the vendor of your router. In some instances you may be able to simply unplug the device and reconnect it. Some cases might require pressing the to reset the unit.
    • Restart your Roku device . To reboot your device, remove the power supply cable and hold it for an instant, then connect it. Then, follow the steps listed below to start it up by using the Settings menu.

      1. Click the Home button  to activate your Roku remote
      2. Scroll and then select Settings
      3. Select System
      4. Choose the Power option. If you don’t see an power submenu, go onto the next section.
      5. Select System restart

        Common error messages for connection and suggested actions

        When your Roku device isn’t able in connecting to your router or connect to internet access, you might encounter one of the following errors.

        • Inability to connect to wireless network . This screen might be displayed when you first looking to join to connect your Roku streaming media device with your network in the Guided Setup. Follow the screen-based instructions. Checking wireless connection . The screen could be displayed upon your Roku device after you’ve entered the Wi-Fi network’s names and passwords. If the connection isn’t successful, you’ll see a red x illustrated below. The device is not connected to the internet. . This screen will appear if the internet or network connection is not working in the attempt to launch the streaming channel. Be aware that the majority of channels require a stable internet connection, or you might encounter interruptions while streaming. Loading, please be patient. . This screen is displayed when the internet or network connection is interrupted while playing back.

          Roku channels installation

          Roku channels setup is an easy procedure that can be done in a couple of steps.

          The first step is to first connect the Roku device with your television. Next, you’ll need to establish your own Roku account and log in. Once you have that done, you can connect channels on the Roku device.

          There are two methods for adding channels on the Roku device. You can add them via either the Roku Channel Store or by creating an individual channel. For adding a channel via the Roku Channel Store, just search for the channel you would like to add to your channel and select “Add Channel”. To add a private channel you’ll have to enter the channel’s code. The the list of privately-owned channels on this page:

          After you’ve added the channels you would like to see, you are able to begin streaming music, TV shows and much more.

          How do you troubleshoot Roku activation problems

          If you’re having difficulty connecting or enabling your Roku streaming device There are some suggestions you can make.

          The first step is to ensure that you’re using the right activation code. The code is available in the Roku activation screen or within the account of your Roku account. If you’re having difficulty Try starting the Roku device and entering the code a second time.

          If you’re having difficulty getting or enabling your Roku device, you may call Roku customer service for assistance.


          Roku is an excellent option to stream your favorite films and shows, however it can be complicated to setup. Once you’ve figured out the basics it’s actually quite simple. Follow these actions and you’ll start streamed in the blink of an eye.

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