Roku Streaming Device Setup Instructions

Roku Streaming Device Setup Instructions

Roku Streaming Device Setup Instructions

Roku is a streaming device that allows you to watch TV shows, movies, and other content from the internet on your TV. If you’re looking to get started with Roku, this article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to set up your device.

Roku Streaming Devices

If you’re looking to cut the cord and ditch your expensive cable subscription, then a Roku streaming device is a great option. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to set up your Roku streaming device so you can start streaming your favorite shows and movies.

First, you’ll need to connect your Roku device to your TV. If you have a Roku TV, then your device is already connected and you can skip this step. Otherwise, you’ll need to use an HDMI cable to connect the two.

Once your Roku is connected, you’ll need to create a Roku account. This will allow you to add channels and access premium content. You can create a Roku account on the Roku website


Roku Streaming Device Setup Instructions

After your account has been created then you can begin adding channels. The channel store has thousands to choose from which range from free to premium. Channels can be added through the store for channels or searching for channels you want to watch.

After you’ve added a few channels It’s time to begin streaming! You can make use of Roku’s Roku remote for control of playback, or navigate through menus. Alternately, you can download the Roku application on your tablet or smartphone and use it to control playback as well as control your channel.

How do you join to connect your Roku streaming device with the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet

When you switch on the Roku streaming media player, as well as Roku TV for for the first time the device will ask you to establish an internet connection via WiFi or Ethernet cable. It is crucial that you have a connection to your Roku device as well as your home network as well as the Internet is in place to stream video and audio. Check whether your Roku device requires an internet connection via wired or wireless with the chart of product comparison.

Once you have figured out how to connect to your Roku device to the internet, you are able to start setting up your device by using the process that is displayed on screen, called Guided Setup. In the Guided Setup you’ll set your preferences, set up your settings, and then activate your device. If you are having trouble getting the Roku streaming media device with the web, a few troubleshooting techniques can make sure you’re able to finish the setup procedure.

How do you link with your Roku streaming device on the web

If you’re using with your Roku streaming player to WiFi network, make sure you have the wireless network’s name often referred to as the SSID along with the password to the network in your possession. Be aware when entering your password that passwords can be case sensitive. Make use of the shift button on the keyboard on screen to type a capital letter in case you require. Further assistance is available should you need assistance finding your wireless network’s username as well as password.

If you’re connected to a wired network connect an end of your cable directly to your Ethernet port in your Roku gadget, then connect connect the other end directly to the router. When your Roku device isn’t equipped with one with an Ethernet port, you can learn on how you can join the Internet via an adapter from a third party.

During Guided Setup, will be required to perform the following:

  1. Choose Wireless for Ethernet cables, or Wi-Fi for Wi-Fi connections.
  2. If you choose Wired If you select Wired, you Roku device will be connected with your network at home as well as the internet. If you choose Wireless proceed with the following step.
  3. Choose your wireless provider by browsing the lists of Wi-Fi networks. If you are unable to find your network, click scan again to view every network.
  4. Enter your network password. To view the password as you type, click the option to show the password.
  5. Select Connect

After you have chosen your network and entered your password correctly after which your Roku streaming device is able to be connected with your network as well as the internet. After successful connection the most recent version of the software will begin downloading automatically when there’s an update on the Roku device. Once the update for the software is installed, the device will reboot. If you’re experiencing difficulty connecting, follow the troubleshooting tips below to fix the most common issues with network connections.

How do you make changes to your network settings

If you are experiencing problems connecting to the internet, or if your connection wasn’t established during the Guided Setup , or if your network has changed and you require to upgrade the connection, go to through the Settings menu of your Roku device following the steps following:

  1. Click the Home button on the remote
  2. Scroll and then select Settings
  3. Select Network
  4. Choose Connectivity
  5. Choose Wired or Wireless
  6. If you choose Wired the Roku device will connect automatically to your network as well as the internet. If you choose Wireless then proceed on to step.
  7. Choose your network from the available networks. If you don’t see your network, click Re-scan to check all networks..
  8. Enter your network password. To view the password as you type, select the option to show password.
  9. Select Connect

Common troubleshooting for network connections

If you’re not sure with the way Roku device connects to the web, we suggest that you read the steps below for updating settings on your network and ensure that you’re properly linked to the Internet prior to you attempt to troubleshoot, if did not previously.

If you’re having problems in your network connectivity start troubleshooting by reading our comprehensive guide that explains how verify the connection between your home network and the internet. The steps provided in the article will assist you in identifying any issues that could be affecting your network connections. Once you’ve examined the connection between your Roku streaming device and internet connection, you can follow the following steps to make sure that your connections work in a proper manner:

Roku Streaming Device Setup Instructions
      • Check that your router is functioning correctly. If you are able to connect the internet using a different device, like a phone or computer, then your router is providing internet connectivity and you are able to proceed onto the next stage. If you’re not able get connected to the web, consider rebooting the router.
      • Enhance the signal strength from your wireless. If reseting your router doesn’t enhance your signal, it could be in the strength of your wireless signal. The farther away your Roku gadget is away from the router, the less signal strength you receive from your wireless device. There are a variety of ways to boost the signal strength of your wireless device.
      • Try using an Ethernet cable or an adapter from a third party. If connecting wirelessly is difficult then the Ethernet cable can offer an improved, faster connection. Every one of the Roku streaming devices are able to link to routers using wireless. Certain Roku streaming players also feature the Ethernet port. You can also an adapter from a third party that connects to the Internet. When your Roku device isn’t equipped with the Ethernet port, you can learn more about how you can access the internet via an adapter from a third party.
      • You must restart the router. To start your router, follow the directions provided by the instructions of your Internet Service provider or the vendor of your router. In certain cases it is possible to disconnect it and then reconnect it. Some cases might require pressing the Reset button in the gadget.
      • Restart your Roku device . If you want to restart your device, remove your power cord, hold it for an instant, and then connect it. Then, follow the steps listed below to restart the device by using the Settings menu.

        1. Click “Home”  to activate your Roku remote
        2. Scroll and then select Settings
        3. Select System
        4. Select Power. If you don’t find an the Power submenu, move onto the next section.
        5. Select Restart the system

Common error messages for connection and suggested actions

When your Roku device isn’t able get connected to the router or connect to internet access, you could receive one of these errors.

    • Inability to connect to wireless network . This screen might occur when you’re connecting to connect your Roku streaming media device with your WiFi network in the Guided Setup. Follow the screen-based instructions. Checking wireless connection . This screen might be displayed in your Roku device after you’ve entered the Wi-Fi network’s username and password. If your connection isn’t successful, you’ll be greeted with a red x, as shown below. The device is not connected to the internet. . This screen will appear in the event that the internet or network connection is interrupted in the process of launching the streaming channel. Remember that all channels require a stable internet connection or you might encounter interruptions while streaming. Loading We are waiting for your patience. . This screen is displayed when the internet or network connection is interrupted while playing back.

      Roku Device Setup Instructions

      If you’re in search of Roku streaming device configuration guides, you’ve come to the right spot. We’ll take you through the steps of installing your Roku device so that you can start streaming your most loved content within a matter of minutes.

      In the beginning, you’ll need first connect the Roku gadget to your television. When you’re connected with the HDMI cable, just connect one end of the cable to the HDMI port on your Roku as well as the second into an HDMI connection on the TV. In the case of composite cables connect the red, yellow and black cables to appropriate ports of the TV, Roku or TV.

      When the Roku has been connected to the TV, switch both devices. When you turn on your television, locate the input the Roku has been connected to, and select it. You will see the Roku home screen show up in your television.

      It’s time to setup the Roku account. To start, you need to go to and type in the code on the screen of your TV. This will connect to your Roku gadget to the account and permit you to add channels.

      There are a myriad of channels on Roku with everything between free channels to subscriptions that cost money. To join a channel, just look through the channels available

      Roku Remote Instructions

      If you’re starting fresh using a new Roku device the first thing be able to connect the device to your television. After that then follow these steps to start making use of the Roku remote.

      1. Take out the Roku remote and click the Home button.
      2. Use the arrows in order to go through Settings. Use the arrow buttons to navigate you through Settings menu.
      3. Select Remote & Devices.
      4. Select Pair or unpair devices.
      5. Select Pair a new device.
      6. Follow the on-screen directions to pair the remote. Roku remote.

      After you’ve connected with your Roku remote with your Roku remote, you’ll be able utilize it to manage your Roku device and navigate through the numerous channels and menus. It can also be used to change settings and do other tasks.

      Roku Channels

      There are more than 100 paid and free channels accessible in Roku streaming gadgets. Here’s a short guide to adding channels on the Roku device.

      1. Hit the button Home on the Roku remote.
      2. Scroll down or up and choose the Streaming Channels.
      3. Select Search Channels.
      4. Choose the channel you’d like to include.
      5. Select the channel after it is listed in the results of your search.
      6. Select Add Channel. This channel is added to the Roku device and appear in your Streaming Channels List.

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