Roku Streaming Device Setup Guide

Roku Streaming Device Setup Guide

Roku streaming Device Setup Guide

Roku is streaming device that lets users to stream their favorite films and shows on your television. This guide will teach you how to configure your Roku device so that you can begin streaming straight away!

What exactly is Roku?

Roku is streaming device that allows viewers to stream their favorite movies and shows on your television. It also lets you utilize Roku to stream the latest music and games and much more. Roku is simple to install as well as use and is the best method to get the most enjoyment from your television. In this article we’ll walk you through how to setup you Roku streaming device, so you can start streaming your most-loved video.

What are the things you’ll need to do to set up Roku?

If you already have an existing Roku account, you’ll require the following:


Roku Streaming Device Setup Guide

-A compatible Roku device. You can find out which devices work to Roku here.

A TV with the HDMI port. Most TVs made in the past 6 years feature at least an HDMI port.

A HDMI cable. If your TV is equipped with the HDMI port, then you’ll require the HDMI cable for connecting to your Roku device to the TV.

A speedy Internet connection. Roku is best used when connected to wireless or wired networks that are compatible with 802.11 b/g/n/ac standards as well as WPA2 security. They also provide speeds of at least 10Mbps.

You can test the performance of the speed of your Internet connectivity here.

A power adapter that is suitable to your area when you use the Roku streaming Stick+. The power adapter isn’t needed in the other Roku devices.

How do you join the Roku streaming device on the web via Wi-Fi or Ethernet

When you switch on when you turn on your Roku streaming media player, as well as Roku TV(tm) to the first time the device will ask you to establish connections to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet cable. It is crucial that you have a connection to your Roku device as well as your home network as well as the Internet is established to stream video and audio. Find out whether your Roku device requires an electrical or wireless connection by using the chart of product comparison.

Once you’ve figured out how to connect to your Roku gadget, then you are able to start to configure your device by using the process on screen called Guided Setup. In the Guided Setup you’ll set your preferences, settings, and then activate your device. If you’re having difficulty getting you Roku streaming player to the Internet, a few troubleshooting techniques can make sure you’re able to successfully complete the setup.

How do you link to the internet? Connect your Roku streaming device with the Internet

If you’re connected to the Roku streaming player to WiFi, make certain to have the wireless network’s name also known by the name SSID along with the password to the network in your possession. Be aware when entering your password that passwords can be case sensitive. You can use the shift key on the keyboard on screen to type an uppercase letter in case you require. If you need assistance, you require help to locate your wireless network’s username and password.

Roku Streaming Device Setup Guide

If you’re connected to a wired network connect the one end of the cable directly to your Ethernet port of your Roku gadget, while connecting connect the opposite end to the router. When your Roku device doesn’t have one with an Ethernet port, read more about connecting to the internet with an adapter from a third party.

During Guided Setup, will be required to perform the following:

Select Wired to connect Ethernet cable connections, or Wireless to connect Wi-Fi.

If you choose Wired when you choose Wired, you Roku device will be connected with your network at home as well as the internet. If you choose Wireless then proceed on to step.

Select the wireless network you want to connect to by browsing the lists of Wi-Fi networks. If you are unable to find your network, click Scan again to check all networks.

Enter your network password. To view the password when you type it, select Show the password.

Select Connect After you’ve selected your network and correctly entered your password 

Roku Streaming Device Setup Guide

Roku Streaming Device Setup Guide

the Roku streaming player will be connected with your network as well as the internet. After successful connection the most current version of the software will begin downloading automatically when there is an update available for the Roku device. After the update has been downloaded the device will then restart. If you’re having trouble connecting to the internet, follow the troubleshooting tips below to resolve the most common issues with network connections.

How do you make changes to your network settings

If an internet connection was not established in the Guided Setup or your connection changed and you have to change the connection, go to your Settings Menu on the Roku device and follow the steps following:

Make Home the first option on your remote.

Scroll down and select Settings

Select Network

Select the connection you want to establish.

Pick Wired or Wired

If you choose Wired the Roku device will be connected to your network as well as the internet. If you choose Wireless proceed with the following step.

Select the network you wish to connect to by selecting it from the list of networks available. If you are unable to find your network, click Scan to scan all networks.

Enter your network password. To see the password in the order you type, select Show the password.

Select Connect

Common steps for troubleshooting network connections

If you’re not sure with the way Roku device connects to the web, we suggest that you read the above steps on how to update your network settings and ensure that you’re properly linked to the Internet prior to you attempt to troubleshoot, if aren’t previously.

If you’re experiencing issues with your internet connection start troubleshooting by reading our comprehensive article on how you can check the connection between your home network as well as the internet. The steps that are provided in the article will assist you in identifying possible issues with your current network connections. Once you’ve tested for issues with your Roku streaming device as well as the internet connection, follow the following steps to make sure that your connections are functioning correctly:

Select the wireless network you want to connect to and make sure you enter the correct password. Be aware that passwords for networks are case-sensitive. Utilize the shift key on the keyboard on screen to type in a capital. There is also assistance available when you’re trying to locate your wireless password or the name of your network.

Check that your router is functioning effectively. If you are able to join the web using any other device, for example, your phone or computer it is offering internet connectivity and you are able to move on onto the next stage. If you’re unable access the Internet, consider to restart your router.

Increase the signal strength from your wireless device. If resetting your router doesn’t increase your connectivity, it could be in the strength of your wireless signal. The further away you Roku gadget is away from routers, the less strong the wireless signal. There are a variety of tips to improve the wireless signal.

Try using an Ethernet cable or an adapter from a third party. If setting up a wireless connection is difficult then the Ethernet cable can offer an improved, faster connection. Every one of the Roku streaming devices can link to routers using wireless. Certain Roku streaming players also come with the Ethernet port. These devices can an adapter from a third party for internet connectivity. When your Roku device isn’t equipped with the Ethernet port, read more about connecting to the internet with an adapter that is third-party.

You can restart your router. For a restart of your router you must follow the directions from you Internet Service Provider , or the vendor of your router. In some instances it is possible to disconnect the device and connect it again. Some cases might require pressing the to reset the unit.

Restart your Roku device. To reboot your device you need to either disconnect the power supply cable and let it rest for until it is fully charged, and then connect it. You can also follow the steps listed below and restart it using within the Settings menu.

Make Home the first time you use your Roku remote

Scroll down and select Settings

Select System

Select Power. If you don’t find the Power submenu, go on to step.

Select Restart the system

Common error messages for connection and suggested actions

When your Roku device isn’t able communicate with your router or connect to internet access, you could encounter one of the following errors.

It is not able to connect to the wireless network. This message may pop up in the beginning when you attempt to join the Roku streaming player to your network in Setup Guided. Follow the instructions on screen. Checking wireless connection. This screen might be displayed within your Roku device after you’ve entered the Wi-Fi network’s user name as well as password. If the connection isn’t successful, you’ll be greeted with a red x, as illustrated below.

Internet connection not available. This display appears if the internet or network connection is not working in the process of launching the streaming channel. Remember that all channels require a stable internet connection, or you could be interrupted while streaming.

The loading process is in progress, please hold. This screen will appear when the internet or network connection is interrupted during playback.

How do I configure Roku

Roku is streaming device that lets you to watch your preferred television shows, films, as well as other types of content. You can purchase Roku devices at a variety of major retailers. To setup your Roku device Follow these steps:

1. Make sure you connect the Roku devices to TV.

2. After connecting, turn on your Roku device.

3. Choose your preferred language by clicking on the link.

4. Select whether you want you join to your Roku gadget to the Internet using wired or wireless connection.

5. If asked, enter your wireless password in order to connect with your network at home.

6. After connecting, choose the type of content that you wish to stream in the primary menu.

7. That’s it! You’re now ready to begin streaming your most loved content via Roku. Roku device.

What are the advantages of Roku?

There are numerous advantages of the use of Roku in addition to the fact that it’s extremely simple to set up and use. Roku also provides a large range of streaming content which includes both on-demand and live choices. Additionally, Roku provides access to free and paid channels making it possible to find the content you’d like to watch without paying for subscriptions. In addition, Roku devices are very cost-effective, which makes the perfect choice for consumers with a tight budget.

How do I troubleshoot Roku

If you’re experiencing difficulty installing for your Roku streaming device There are some options you can use to solve the problem. Make sure your Roku is connected to your TV and is powered. If it’s not working you can try trying to restart your Roku by disconnecting its power source, reconnecting it. It is also possible to reset your Roku to the factory settings by holding and pressing the reset button located on the side of the unit for 30 minutes. In the event that none of these methods are working, you might need to reach out to Roku customer service for more assistance.


If you’ve learned how to configure the Roku streaming player, you’ll be ready begin watching your most loved films and shows. If you’re searching for the latest movie or a classic, Roku has something for all. So, sit back, relax and enjoy your brand new experience of streaming.

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