How To Reset Your Roku TV Easily

How To Reset Your Roku TV Easily

How To Reset Your Roku TV Easily

Roku TVs are a popular option for streaming content, but like any other piece of technology, they can sometimes run into issues. If you’re having trouble with your Roku TV, resetting it is a good first step to try to fix the problem. In this article, we’ll show you how to reset your Roku TV quickly and easily.

Why Would You Need To Reset Your Roku TV?

There are a few different reasons you might need to reset your Roku TV. Maybe you’re selling it and want to clear all your personal data off of it. Or maybe it’s just acting up and you want to start fresh. Whatever the reason, resetting your Roku TV is easy to do.

Here’s how:

1. Go to Settings > System > Advanced system settings.

2. Select Factory reset.3. Enter your PIN (if you have one set).
4. Select Factory reset again to confirm.

Your Roku TV will now restart and be reset to factory settings.

How to Reset Your Roku TV


How To Reset Your Roku TV Easily

If you’re experiencing issues in using your Roku TV it’s one of the primary steps to try is resetting it. It will remove any temporary settings or files which could be causing issues and is usually an easy and quick fix. Here’s how you restore the settings on your Roku TV:

1. Hit the home button of the remote control.
2. Scroll either way and then select Settings.
3. Scroll down, and then select System.
4. Select Factory reset.
5. You’ll be asked by a prompt to input a number. you must enter the code that appears on the TV screen.
6. Select Factory reset again to confirm.
7. The Roku TV will now restart and will begin the process of reset; this can take several minutes.

When you’ve confirmed that your Roku TV has finished resetting then you can configure it for the first time and use it normally. If you’re having problems after reset, you might have to call Roku support to get further assistance.

How do you restart your system and factory reset the Roku streaming device

When you are using a smartphone tablet or computer, you’ve probably experienced times that your device “frozen” or “stuck” or simply was unable to respond. Similar to these smart devices the Roku streaming device has the operating system to run software however, it is not uncommon that it is also prone to becoming unresponsive. If you notice your Roku device is in this condition this article will help you determine if the issue is due to an environmental one before proceeding to a system reboot and a network reset and if required a factory reset.

If you’re just selling or returning or selling your Roku device, you can go straight into the factory reset process to erase personal data and restore your device in a condition that is ready for setup. The instructions provided here are designed to assist with these devices

  • Roku TV
  • Roku streaming player
  • Roku streaming Stick
  • Roku stream barRoku Stream bar Pro and Roku Smart Sound bar

To get help for other Roku products, visit the appropriate article in the following:

Roku streaming audio system If you are planning returning the Roku Wireless Speakers, Roku TV Wireless Sound bar and Roku Wireless Subwoofer or you need to bring either of them back into the state that is ready for initial setup check out the article on resetting your factory settings on the settings on your Roku streaming audio system..

Roku voice remote If you’re replacing a damaged or lost remote and need assistance getting the new remote to pair properly, read the complete article on how to set up for your Roku voice-controlled remote. If you need help with troubleshooting find out how to solve your Roku voice remote that’s malfunctioning..

What should you be checking first?

If you find that the Roku device is unresponsive or frozen It is crucial to know if the issue is constant or intermittent. Does the video play and stop and remain frozen? Do you have the ability to manage your device intermittently, or none at all? If you experience symptoms that change an external component such as the remote, network, or even an HDMI (r) cable might be causing the issue. It is important to rule out these possibilities, especially if you experience the same symptoms in the course of the course of.

  1. Replace the batteries If you’re not able to operate you Roku device, consider replacing the batteries inside the remote. This commonly-forgotten method can help limit your troubleshooting to an absolute minimal level.
  2. Check your network If you’re experiencing issues with playback that are intermittent and the image appears jerky and pixelated, you can try streaming videos on another device connected to the network (e.g. laptop, smartphone). If you notice the same behavior on another device, you can read some suggestions for improving your wireless network connection at home.
  3. Examine the HDMI cable HDMI cables transmit huge amounts of data that deliver audio and video for other gadgets. If you notice that the video is sporadic or you notice any other video anomalies, you can check out an alternative HDMI cable (at at least for a short period of time). It is essential, especially when installing an Ultra 4K HD as well as HDR devices on Roku TV or Roku TV as well connected to with your Roku stream bar or player to an HDTV that is 4K as well as an HDR TV.

If, after looking at the signs and observing the symptoms, you find that the behavior remains constant then a reset method as explained in the following sections could be required. If you own an Roku TV, prior to you start, test to whether it responds you press the actual buttons located on the TV’s bezel. If the buttons aren’t accessible, try focusing your attention on them by sliding your fingers across the top, bottom and sides edges.

System restart your device

An System restart is the least intrusive reset method. If you own the Roku TV, it’s not the equivalent like pressing the power button of the remote , or the power button in your TV. Instead it is accomplished by taking the power supply from the Roku device for minimum 10 seconds prior to reconnecting it. If reaching the power cable is difficult, you could follow the steps below to initiate system restarts by using in the Setting menu (assuming you are able to operate your Roku device using the remote or with the available Roku application for mobile devices available for iOS as well as Android .

  1. Click the Home button to activate your Roku remote
  2. Scroll down and choose Settings
  3. Select System
  4. Choose power. If you don’t find an the Power submenu, move onto the next section.
  5. Select Restart the system

In both cases the Roku device will go through an initial system reboot and be back in normal operation within some time. If not, move on with the subsequent section.

How To Reset Your Roku TV Easily

Reset the connection to the network

reset of the network is a great option if you encounter issues with several streaming channels or you’re using the Roku voice remote, and after changing the battery, it continues to respond. In any case, if you own the Roku TV, make sure you’ve tested the buttons that are on the TV and verified they work. The reset of the network can be done through within the Setting menu (assuming you are able to control the device).

  1. Then press “Home” for your Roku remote
  2. Scroll down and select Settings
  3. Select Advanced System settings
  4. Select Network connection reset
  5. Select Reset connection

After the reset for the network is completed after which you Roku device will start up and you’ll need to go back into your settings menu to create the wireless connection once more.


Factory reset your device

The Factory reset erases most of the information from the Roku device and then restores the device to its factory default configuration. The process specifically will:

  • You can erase any personal information you’d like to keep.
  • Remove your device from the account on your Roku account.
  • Reset all settings and restore your device back to a state that is ready for the initial configuration.

If you’re able manage the Roku gadget, then you are able to easily do factory resets from within the settings menu. If you are unable to manage your device or it’s not responding at all then you can attempt a factory reset by using the physically reset button that is on the device.

In the settings menu

Follow these steps using the Roku remote, or with your mobile app or Roku Mobile app.

  1. Click the Home button for your Roku remote
  2. Scroll down and choose Settings
  3. Select System
  4. Select Advanced System settings
  5. Choose factory reset
  6. If you own an Roku TV, select Factory reset all settings. If not, proceed on to step.
  7. Follow the screen-based instructions

By pressing the physical button

It is located in the back or the bottom of your device It is located on the bottom or back of your device. The physically button for reset is located on the bottom or back of your device. The button can be an actual pinhole or tactile design which requires a straightened paperclip. It’s appearance will be similar to any among the following

When you find you have found the RESET button and the Roku device is on and connected, push the button and press the button for around 10 minutes. Once the factory reset is completed the indication light, or status LED, will light up quickly on the majority of Roku devices.

After the successful factory reset after a successful factory reset, the Roku device will reboot with the same settings as a new device that was factory-reset, and is now waiting for you to do the following steps:

  1. Complete the guided setup and activation procedure
  2. Log in to online streaming networks that require an account name and password
  3. Create an 4-digit PIN and set the parental controls settings
  4. Perform an broadcast TV Channel scan (if you own an HDTV antenna connected to your Roku TV with an HDTV antenna attached)


Recovery mode on the Roku TV

If you own an Roku television, then you may attempt the Recovery Mode to install your operating system. It is the least in-depth reset procedure that should be only used in the event that all other methods do not work to restore normal operation. For more information, you can learn how to utilize Reset Mode in Your Roku TV.

What happens if you don’t Set the Roku Television? Roku TV?

If you do not change the settings on your Roku TV and you don’t do it, you may be faced with a variety of issues. The channels may go away, the settings might disappear, and eventually you could even need to reset factory settings on your TV. If you’ve experienced one of these problems It’s time to reboot the settings on your Roku TV.

Here’s how:

1. Click the button Home on the remote control.

2. Scroll either way and then select Settings.

3. Select System.

4. Select Advanced System settings.

5. Select Factory reset.

6. Select Factory reset everything.

7. Input your pin (if you have one).).

8. Choose Reset All Settings.

How to Avoid the need to reset your Roku TV

If you’re like the majority of people You probably aren’t thinking about the functionality of your Roku TV when something does go wrong. Then, all of suddenly, you’re trying for a way you can reset the device.

However, there are ways to avoid having for a reset of you Roku TV in the first in the first. If you follow these easy steps, you will be able to maintain the Roku TV running smoothly for the years to be.

1. Maintain Your Roku TV up-to-date. Like any other technology it’s essential to ensure that up-to date with your Roku TV updated with the most recent software. Updates often contain performance improvements and bug fixes which can prevent any future problems.

2. Install apps from reliable sources. All apps may not be made in the same way. Certain apps are more likely to cause issues than others. When you install new apps for the Roku TV, be sure to only install them from reliable sources you trust and know.

3. Avoid using unofficial channels. There are many channels that aren’t official available for Roku TVs however they’re not always trustworthy. If you’re not cautious you could get yourself a harmful channel that can damage your TV, or even steal your personal data. Use official channels as often as you can.


If you’re having issues with the performance of your Roku TV, resetting it is a great option to begin fresh and determine whether this solves your issue. This article has explained the steps do you reset the Roku TV in only a couple of steps. Try it and see if you can to get you your Roku TV back functioning like new once more.

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